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Your wedding day is precious yet so fleeting and, unfortunately, over time even the strongest of memories can fade. That is why it is so important to have your wedding filmed,

to capture priceless moments that otherwise would be lost.


A wedding videographer based in Kent, providing
wedding videography across Kent, Essex and the South East.

The 'all-day' coverage captures the main moments that happen throughout the day; from just before the bride's arrival, through to the first dance. Individually, all of these events are precious, but when combined in a video, the overall result is priceless.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about the benefits of

having your wedding filmed and to find out what Ever Excellent Wedding Films can do for you.


Providing video coverage from the

Bride's arrival through to the first dance; capturing all of the main events in-between.


Add even more wonderful detail to your video with bridal preparation and evening celebration coverage. 


Watch, download and share your wedding video content at any time with anyone you wish, from any computer or mobile device.

"Such beautiful memories captured so perfectly."

Rhia & John Thurston

"It was the best decision

we made."

"The video was everything we could have wished for."

If you would like to know more,

or have any questions about wedding videography,

then please get in touch to see what Ever Excellent Wedding Films can do for you.


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