A wedding videographer’s role is not about just filming an event;
it’s about telling the biggest story of your life.

As a wedding videographer based in Kent, I have refined my visual style and approach in order to capture a wedding day in a natural way, with the minimum of interference. I believe in documenting the day’s events as they unfold whilst utilising cinematic techniques to make content that is engaging, informative and entertaining to any audience. I always aim to tell a full, rich story that shows the emotional journey a couple takes throughout their very special day together. 


I've always loved how people can be so profoundly moved by watching emotional scenes play out on the big or small screen. I founded Ever Excellent Wedding Films in 2010; combining my passion for storytelling with my experience in live television and event-filming, where I learned professional disciplines and technical skills required to record live events.


I understand that most people can be camera shy and don’t relish the idea of being filmed all day. That’s why I’ve adapted my style to capture moments and emotions naturally, in an unobtrusive way, which gets the best results while putting everyone at ease. From the nervous anticipation and excited expectation at the beginning of the day through to the feelings of relief, relaxation and joyous celebration that follow; the day becomes a rollercoaster of emotions, and I strive to film everything in a way that honours it all.


Filming a wedding video is often challenging, especially when you sometimes have little or no control over events or environments. That is when my experience, passion and professionalism allow me to anticipate every eventuality and film effectively in every scenario. It's always an honour and privilege to be trusted by a couple to film their wedding video and I relish every opportunity to film an excellent wedding video, that can be kept and played back, forever.


Each wedding video that I create becomes so much more than just a video. It becomes a visual time capsule of a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, where everyone you know comes together to celebrate your love for each other. It becomes a permanent way to go back in time and see the younger generation before they’re all grown up. It also becomes a chance to see the older generation who won't always be with us.


So, if you would like to have your big day filmed in a professional and friendly manner or if you have any questions about having your wedding filmed, then please get in touch and book your free consultation, I look forward to speaking with you. 

Best, Brendan.

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